Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Beresford Williams named President of CSA

Beresford Williams has been named the acting president of Cricket South Africa (CSA) until the 5th of September. Williams, who was embroiled in scandal himself over the handling of the Newlands Cricket Ground upgrade, had been the incumbent President of Western Province Cricket, as well as the Vice-President of CSA.

"The Board of Cricket South Africa (CSA) notes that following the resignation of the President of the Board of Cricket South Africa, the Members’ Council has announced that Beresford Williams will fill the role of acting President until the AGM set for the 5th of September 2020.

Further, the Board advises that Acting CEO, Dr Jacques Faul, has decided to end his secondment with immediate effect, which secondment was due to terminate on the 15 of September 2020.

Dr Faul has put in place a detail transitional plan that will ensure the organisation makes a seamless transition to a new Acting CEO, that the Board will advise on shortly. The Board is for ever grateful for the outstanding commitment and leadership that Dr Faul has made and continues to make to CSA and the game of cricket"

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