Saturday, April 4, 2020

South African players symptom-free for COVID-19

All players and staff in the Protea national team set up have emerged from their 14-day period of isolation symptom-free, with those who have been tested for the novel Coronavirus have all tested negative, according to Proteas' chief medical officer Shuaib Manjra.
"All the players were symptom-free and those who opted to perform the tests returned negative results," Manjra told ESPNcricinfo
The Proteas were in India for a three-match ODI series against which was postponed due to fears of a possible Coronavirus outbreak. Both sides have agreed that it will be rescheduled to a more mutually beneficial date in the future, presumably once the end of the world has stopped happening.

In the meanwhile, with South Africa being in the midst of a 21-day lockdown, the players have resorted to home gym and home exercises, with the team trainer Tumi Masekela telling the media,
"We've got time now to work with players in terms of addressing the small niggles that they may have. They have got time to rest and also to do the strength work," he said.
"But the one big thing is the running volume, the aerobic capacity base, which I am going to try and build up in the next two weeks, so that means lot of running, or a lot of cardio work, cycling or swimming." 

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