Wednesday, April 1, 2020

No Protea Pay Cuts... for now

Like the rest of the sports world, the South African cricket team has not been spared from the financial impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. On the 16th of March, all cricket in South Africa was cancelled for the next 60 days, which saw the cancellation of the One Day Cup as well as the Four Day Cup. On an international level, the men's tour to India was called off without a single ball being bowled, while the women's inbound tour of Australia has already been cancelled. Sri Lanka are the second nation due to tour the country for the women's tour and even that series is on the line, with a final decision only to be taken six weeks before the tour.

Fortunately, however, Cricket South Africa president, Jacques Faul has announced that as of now there are no plans in place to cut the players' salaries, at any level of the game. He warned that this could change in future, but at the moment, the players can rest easy.

"For now we've budgeted for the amount. It's a centralised system so both the Proteas and the franchise players have been budgeted for and we have enough to see through next season," Faul said on a conference call.

"The players will lose out on match fees and win bonuses. If these tours are rescheduled, they'll get the money. In the long term, even if we cover this season we have to what it's going to be post this season and the financial impact of that and how much will be available to contract the players.

"We've got to crunch the numbers first and experience the total effect of COVID-19, but it is a possibility the players will be receiving less of a player payment pool. 

"I cannot see anyone for now getting less money than they are contracted for, but in future the allocation going to players I can see being less."

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