Thursday, December 5, 2019

Another day, another headline at embattled Cricket South Africa

Today is Thursday. The fourth day of the week, fifth if you observe the Sabbath. That intro carries no meaning other than to clarify that we are deep into the work week, and we are yet to have a day where Cricket South Africa was not marred in some sort of controversy. This time, the independent board member, Iqbal Khan, a board member since 2012 tendered his resignation. This was due to a myriad of reason which had concerned Khan, these issues included CSA's recent attempted purge of media members. 

The other issues of concern for Khan were:

- Moroe's blaming communications head Thami Mthembu for miscommunication or non-effective communication with the media when it was Thabang Moroe who was ultimately responsible for such communication;
- CSA not paying the SA Cricketer’s Association (Saca) a contractual amount in terms of a key      stakeholder contract and the blame therefore was placed with the three suspended officials (COO Naasei Appiah, sales and sponsorship head Clive Eksteen and acting director of cricket Corrie van Zyl) despite the contract being signed by Moroe;
- Several resignations in the CSA office due to what they say is a legally toxic environment;
- Widespread credit card abuse in the office;
- Hastily organising a press conference this week then cancelling it at the last minute;
- Very selective communication with Saca and a failure to engage them in terms of the CSA collective agreement with Saca;
- The mishandling of the director of cricket issue, and
- Bringing CSA into disrepute.

“In my humble view, the deep crisis that cricket finds itself in cannot wait for a board meeting to be held on Saturday. I was thus most surprised and deeply disappointed that a board meeting scheduled for last night [Tuesday] failed to materialise. Surely for a board meeting to be convened, we do not physically have to be in the same place. We have on numerous occasions convened board meetings by teleconference,” Khan said.

“The criticism in the media and by the public who love and support cricket has reached such a crescendo that I can no longer be deaf to the cries of immediate changes at CSA board level. Before Professor Shirley Zinn resigned, I still maintained I would give things a chance and wait until Saturday for us to address the crisis we find ourselves in.

“I seriously doubt however that you and/or the board is capable of doing so and, in the circumstances, I have reached the only conclusion, and that is I must resign my position on the board, as well as my position as chairperson of the CSA finance committee,” Khan wrote.

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