Saturday, November 3, 2018

Gulam Bodi down, out and now convicted

In a quiet court in Pretoria on a cloudy Friday afternoon in Pretoria, Gulam Bodi became the first South African athlete in history to receive a criminal conviction for match-fixing. He has pled guilty to all eight charges brought against him, and to quote him, "The accused pleads to the mercy of the courts. He fully understands the seriousness of his offences and begs the state for forgiveness", was the statement read out in court. Sentencing has not yet been brought down.

Bodi, along with Ethy Mbhalati , Thami Tsolekile, Jean Symes, Alviro Petersen, Lonwabo Tsotosbe, and Pume Matshikwe were all suspended from South African cricket operations, following allegations of match fixing during the 2015 RAM Slam T20, with Bodi accused of having been the link between the match-fixers and pros.

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