Monday, August 27, 2018

Miller Time: Sometimes

David Miller. Sometimes known as Davey Miller, other times known as "Killer Miller". He is, with the retirement of AB de Villiers arguably the most destructive batsman in the Proteas set up when he gets it right. For the last three years leading into this year, he'd got it right more often than not. From 2015 until 2017, David Miller scored 1306 runs at an average of 52 and a strike rate of 110. You could argue that he was one of, if not the, premier #5 batsmen in world cricket for a spell. Of the active Protea members, only Faf du Plessis had a higher average than David Miller over the 2015-2017 time period. But that was then, and this is now. Right now David Miller looks like he could get cholera and end up constipated, such is his complete inability to get the runs. There are of course still flashes of the old nuke bomb Miller. As we speak, he has scored 129 runs without losing his wicket at a strike rate of nearly 200 in the Caribbean Premier League. He's basically in seek and destroy mode at #5 there, and it is working a dream. Unfortunately in the green and gold, one year away from possibly his last chance to lift a world cup, he's averaging 21.

 You can't keep someone who is having that barren a run, surely? Au contraire my comrades. Not only can we keep David Miller around, you see, we have no other choice. If we are to win the world cup next year (don't laugh), not only does David Miller have to stick around, he has to indeed be the standard bearer. You see, David Miller averages 53 in ICC competition. The great Hashim Amla averages 40. Quinton de Kock, promising as he is. gifted as he may be, averages 25. Our Captain. The grimmest man in cricket, Faf du Plessis, "only" averages 47. JP Duminy? It won't surprise you to know it's a not-quite saviour-worthy 31. There's really only one guy in South African cricket, with the bat anyway, who has a proven track record of being not just good... but elite with the bat at ICC competition. He can't buy a run right now, but if there's anything sport has taught us, it is that cream rises, and in the brightest lights, when the floor is heaviest and breaths are just that little bit tighter, David Miller shines harder, breathes better and moves better than any one else in that team.

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